Rent a Bedroom invites you to discover MelonDistrict Student Residence Halls

Share flat Barcelona

If you want to share a flat in Barcelona you are at the right place. Rent a Bedroom offers you much more than just a room in a share flat, you can share your life with others like you and make it easier and funny!

Rent a Bedroom offers you a room at MelonDistrict Residence Hall. Rooms are grouped into Melon Flats and each flat includes 10 rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a shared Cooking Lounge. Both Melon Flats share the Meeting Lounge and the Refreshing Lounge as well as the rest of the building's amenities.

Rent a Bedroom - MelonDistrict is not just a share flat in Barcelona, you will find modern installations boasting contemporary interior design and a complete range of services so that everything you need is at hand.

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